It’s a new day at Picacho Hills Country Club, with new management, new membership packages and newly-updated amenities, with much more to come.



PHCC Management is fully committed to the long-term success of Picacho Hills Country Club and the satisfaction of our members.

The club’s long history and solid membership base are foundational to our vision for the future, which is to enhance every aspect of the club experience to ensure its place as the best private club in New Mexico.


With an entirely new set of transferable membership packages in place, existing and new members have the opportunity to tailor their membership plans to their family and lifestlyle.

membership packages


Sometimes, to move forward, it’s necessary to address things “behind-the-scenes” to ensure that steps forward truly do result in positive outcomes for the short and long term. For that reason, several structural changes have already been made, including plumbing, pool decking, course improvements and new kitchen equipment that will expand our food and beverage capabilities.

Best of all, our “updated staff” is second to none… talented and experienced leaders and teams who are focused on the highest levels of member service and satisfaction.


While we’ll be the first to admit that it won’t all happen at once, there are plenty of exciting and truly significant improvements on the horizon. These include, but are not limited to, continued golf course improvements, an expanded and totally renovated kitchen, elegant outdoor event space, an expansive deck overlooking the golf course, an updated dining room and bar, new locker rooms, pro shop renovation, tennis and pickleball court resurfacing and, at some point, onsite guest facilities.

Members and guests will enjoy the aesthetic enhancements, improved services and expanded event capabilities… all designed to position Picacho Hills Country Club as the best private club experience in New Mexico.


Our members will be the first to tell you that Picacho Hills membership goes far beyond having access to our exceptional amenities and activities. We’re a community, diverse in many ways, yet bound together with deep friendships and pride in our efforts to be the best. Whether you’re thinking of a family, golf, social, corporate or other type of membership, we’re confident our members and staff will make you feel welcome from day one!

membership packages